In the past few weeks there’s been articles written with titles ranging from the dismissive “You Don’t Need To Walk 10,000 Steps Per Day” to the more subtle “Do You Really Need 10,000 Steps Per Day?”.  These headlines are based on a new study that did not look at groups walking 10,000+ steps per day….

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We show you how to have your wine and drink it too, because enjoying a glass of wine should not be off limits for weight loss. What makes this gym different than other gyms? We are not a gym. Gyms are crowded, intimidating places where you are left to your own devices when it comes…

“I want my body to look like _______________.” Feel free to fill in the blank to match whatever physical change that you would like to see in your body. Also, while you are doing it make sure to attach to that what accomplishing this will make you feel like as that is a huge motivator…

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If you are still on the fence because you don’t think that you will fit in here…wonder no more! Fit knows no age and the only limitations that exist are the ones that you place on yourself! #strongwomen #womensfitness #womenshealth #ageisjustanumber #smallgrouptraining #personaltrainer #ballantyne #nolimits

With Valentine’s Day approaching it’s not too late to get your body aligned with your heart.  Consistent smart exercise enhances your sex life at any age.  Consistent smart exercise does more than just maintain or improve your cardiovascular function.  It also creates and maintains proper hip mobility for what is a hip centric activity.  Additionally,…

You know how you feel AMAZING after your workouts? Don’t you want your friends to have that same feeling?!  I know I do which is why our referral contest/raffle is back starting MONDAY- March 4th! How it works: • For every referral you bring in who does the 10 Day Spark you get 1 ticket….

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