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When we lived in DC Cherry Blossom Season was always a favorite time of year to be outside and also go try new menu items (shhhhh!). Everywhere had a cherry dish on the menu. These seasonal dishes were always tempting, so instead of indulging in an ice cream shake that would end up hurting my stomach and my waistline I came up with this. It was so good, Josef even likes it (and there’s no pb in it).  Enjoy!


Cherry Blossom Shake – simple and delicious!


1. Half cup of plain low fat Greek yogurt
2. Serving of vanilla protein powder (we love
3. Splash of cream or coconut cream (optional)
4. One serving of frozen cherries (use tart cherries if you can get them – see below for why)
5. 1 teaspoon of vanilla
6. Dash of salt
7. Ice and water to your liking

1. Throw it all in the blender and blend.  Keeping it simple with this.

Cool Info on cherries:

It turns out that cherries are more than just really tasty.  There is some fascinating research on tart cherries (not all cherries) on their ability to improve recovery.  (Recovering fully is how you get maximum results from exercise.)

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