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Here is a quick video guide to A Complete Travel Workout aka Do Anywhere Workout!

Keeping up with your fitness routine is especially important after you’ve been sitting for long periods of time either on an airplane, in a car, or on the couch. This was originally published for Snowmagedon in Washington, DC for our old studio.

Traveling or being stuck at home is never a good reason to not take care of yourself.

Workout Components:
1. Self-massage (3min)
2. Mobility (4min)
3. Strength Training and Metabolic Work

You need only 3 things:
1. Lacosse ball
2. Valslides
3. Resistance band with an anchor to safely put on a door

Enjoy! Stay Warm!

PS-if you are looking for a guide/coach on updating your workouts or sedentary lifestyle check out our 6 Week Lifestyle Transformation Program!

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