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In case you missed it each month we have a Workout Warrior Board to applause the women who made it in 8+ times in a calendar month.  Consistency when it comes to working out can be hard to do. We know that. Each month we track who does it and then throw the names in a raffle and pick a winner because, why not!  And when you do it 3 months in a row you get an awesome shirt.

What’s especially cool is the women listed above made the WW Board 10 months out of 12 in 2019!!! That is a huge feat.  🏋️ Woohooo!  We thought we’d 🥳 celebrate them with some sparkle ❇️ so if you see someone wearing this shirt – give them a high five….they earned it!

Remember, 80% of success is showing up and consistency is key for any goal. If you’ve ever wondered what happens when you skip a workout read this: Skipping A Workout? What Difference Does it Really Make?

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