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True 180 is passionate in the belief that what you do for the hour you are in our gym should improve other 23 hours of your day!

We talk frequently about the incredible ways exercise can helps you live better – from reducing pain, increasing longevity, improving mental health to stress management. We want to highlight some of the perks associated with the energy boost you get from exercise.

Numerous studies exercise has proven to be significantly more effective in fighting fatigue than stimulant medications. We hear from some of our clients that the energy needed to just get in the door of the gym can be the most challenging aspect some days. So remind yourself of these perks the next time you have that internal debate and love yourself by getting your workout in!

1. Greater productivity. Stable energy levels throughout the day can have a profound impact on your work life. You can trade in afternoon grogginess for mental clarity and will be able to produce higher quality work more efficiently.

2. Upgrade your quality time. The increase in productivity can also mean you’ll have more time to spend with the people you love, doing the things that you love. You’ll have the energy to go grocery shopping, meet up with friends for dinner or take your kids on a walk after work instead of wanting to collapse on the couch the moment you get home.

3. Nutrition goals. The notorious afternoon slump most likely leaves you reaching for a fourth cup of coffee or sugary treat but harnessing the stable energy from regular exercise can help! Let’s face it, you are much more likely to eat a nice, nutritious meal if you had almonds as an afternoon snack instead of a snickers bar. Goal-oriented decisions build on each other and give you great momentum. Stable energy levels allow you to be intentional about your choices throughout the day.

4. Improves sleep quality. An added bonus to skipping out on that 3 p.m. double latte is that you’ll be able to fall asleep better at night. Caffeine and napping are commonly used to survive the day but wreak havoc on your sleep schedule and quality. And don’t forget that sleep is also inextricably linked to weight loss and performance gains!

5. Beast Mode. Getting more energy out of your workouts allows you to put more energy right back into your workouts! Success comes in spurts and when you feel energized and committed to your fitness goals is a great time to put the pedal to the metal. Be excellent! (ICYMI: What Happens When You Skip a Workout?)

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