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At True 180 Personal Training for Women we start each workout with a Ramp Up👍. It’s similar to a warm up but better! Like everything else we encourage here at the gym these series of stretches and exercises are proven to help you move better and get the most effective and safest workout possible. We know your time is valuable and we believe in making the most of each moment you’re in the gym.  The Ramp Up is certainly worth the 10 minutes required to complete it.  We have some tips on how to use this time wisely. 

 1. Make friends with the foam roller. “Rolling” over tense muscles helps reduce stiffness. You could potentially spend well over an hour foam rolling your entire body. We take a more practical and minimalist approach by focusing on the main areas of:  the glutes, hips and upper back. For most people these muscle groups tend to be tight and the foam roller is a great way to loosen them up and prepare them for use in the workout. Spend about 30 seconds on each area before moving on to the next. Be sure to pay attention to any knots and spend a little extra time on them.

2. Focus on the details. Are you taking a full, deep breath while you reach for your toes or are you rushing through it? Are your hips square to the floor during pigeon stretch or are you opening up? These seemingly small tweaks are the difference between a quality ramp up and a wasted ramp up. There’s always a coach around to help you with these tweaks but feel free speak up if you’re having trouble.

3. Make it personal. We pride ourselves on creating individualized programs to help our clients reach their goals. Part of that process is a movement screen that points to joints and muscle groups that need extra help mobilizing or stabilizing. Our general Ramp Up is made up of ten steps but there are usually 1-2 other movements that are specific to your and your body. Don’t skip over these just because they aren’t written on the board! Again, a coach is always standing by to explain and demonstrate your extras.  

 It’s also worth noting that aside from the numerous ways the Ramp Up enhances your workout itself there is plenty of research literature pointing to longer lasting benefits. There is evidence that an adequate warm up results in decreased muscle soreness up to 48 hours after exercise.  

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