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I’m Tired – Is the Finisher Important

Everyone in the True 180 family knows we are big proponents of “finishers”. Finishers come at end of your workout and are comprised bursts of high intensity, full body movements performed at all out effort followed by short periods of rest. Although not always the most pleasant moments of the workout the finisher moments are some of the most productive. Since they come at the end of the workout it’s all too easy to shortchange effort level, scrimp by on the number of rounds and just skip out on the finisher all together. Consider this a friendly reminder on what finishers can do for you and why to give them everything you’ve got!

The research around high intensity interval training is rigorous and far-reaching. Experts all agree that finishers can enhance performance as well as greatly increase metabolic function as well as enable your muscles to oxidize fat and carbohydrates. So whether you want to get stronger, lose inches or just feel more energetic – finishing strong will be what gets you there. Additionally, in terms of the mood boosting and mental benefits of exercise you get out what you put in. Upping your finisher intensity will also increase your post-workout bliss.

Here are our top three strategies for finishing strong:

1. Hustle up! One of the biggest reasons we hear for skipping finishers is running out of time. We are passionate about getting a great workout in a short amount of time because we know you are busy and you’re time is precious. A big part of that equation is buckling down and focusing when it’s time to work. We love using the countdown clock to keep you (and us) on our toes.

2. Focus on the set you’re on. A great way to keep your motivation and effort level up throughout the entire workout is to only focus on the set you are on. Try not to think too far ahead about what’s coming next or whether or not you “want” to do the finisher. You do great things all the time. You can absolutely do a few fast and furious intervals!

3. Appreciate your efforts. If you’ve just had a great workout and went “all in” on the finisher then congratulate yourself, text a friend, tell your husband- do something to acknowledge your hard work! This conscious and intentional appreciation of your effort and ability is an important part of the process. It helps wire your brain to actually look forward to the challenge of a hard workout instead of dreading it!

Have a great “strong”end!

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