True 180 Personal Training for Women’s Nutrition Guide: Take It Off And Keep It Off For Life

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What This Is and What This Isn’t:

This guide is brief. We’ve used bullet points and lists, left out references and more to keep this concise. Why? Because we want you to spend your time and energy taking action, not studying unimportant details.

Much like our unlimited supply of extremely yummy food makes it far too easy to over-consume, so, too, does the unlimited supply of tantalizing online information make overconsumption easy.   Since time is a finite resource, the time we spend consuming information is time we are not spending applying that information or getting closer to our goals. Similarly, the time we spend hopping from one diet or guru to the next one is time that will not get us any closer to our goals.

This isn’t a diet. This is about building a lifestyle that will not only get you to your goal weight and clothing size, but most importantly, keep you there. The most crucial principle in weight loss is this: IF YOU CAN’T KEEP IT UP, YOU CAN’T KEEP IT OFF.

Free Nutrition Guide

True 180 Personal Training for Women’s Nutrition Guide

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