Our Philosophy

It’s nutrition for humans, not robots.

All diets and meal plans ignore (or pay lip service to) the most important part of weight-loss: keeping it off.

If we were robots then counting calories, adhering to a rigid meal plan, being hungry AF or never eating “bad” foods would work forever.

Keeping the weight off is not about figuring how to crush the social and emotional part of ourselves so that we can count calories, stick to the rigid meal plan, etc. Keeping the weight off is about abandoning all of these tactics that decades of research have shown do not work long-term because humans can not adhere to them long-term. Keeping the weight off is about looking at change science to build a program that works for humans, not robots.

The Lean Habits Nutrition System.

Let’s be honest. Dieting doesn’t create lasting results because it is a short-term solution to a lifelong problem. As soon as you stop dieting, all of the results you experienced go away as well. That’s why we have developed our Lean Habits Nutrition System in partnership with One-by-One, an industry leader that focuses on the fundamental shift in the way that nutrition and weight loss is coached. The first phase of the course focuses on the 5 fundamental habits and accountability you will need to adopt to become lean for a lifetime.

Our joint effort uses simple, applicable advice, that focuses on building a lifestyle that supports your weight and fitness goals and teaches you how sustain the results you want. Yes, this lifestyle or habit-based approach is slower than a 3-week diet, but the time and effort are more than worth it. (If you are curious about more detail in how we approach nutrition, check out our FREE Nutrition Guide.)

How does it work?

  • We will kick off your nutrition coaching at your Starting Point Session (this is our first meeting where we also do the Functional Movement Screen to set up your program design).
  • Before your starting point we will send you a questionnaire that contains, amongst other things, a Nutritional Assessment we developed with One-by-One.
  • Together we will work through the first phase of the program – the Starting Five Habits.
  • After you’ve completed the first phase, we will then “graduate” you to an exclusive program we’ve set up with One-by-One to help you take things to even higher levels. While you’re working on this program, we will always focus on the most important part of your training…
  • Face-to-Face Accountability Sessions during your Small Group Training Classes – this is the most important piece of the health and fitness puzzle. There is nothing more important than having someone who cares about you with reasonable subject matter expertise consistently asking you how you are doing.

Each of the Starting Five Nutrition Habits takes approximately 2 weeks to learn, understand and implement, so the initial Nutrition Program will cover your first two months of membership. Upon completion of these segments, you will be set up with a One-by-One Account to address anything else about nutrition you will need to reach your personal goals.

Our one-two punch of fitness and proper nutrition is designed specifically to work for women and will have you well on your way to reaching your health goals in no time. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “you can’t out-train a bad diet”.

Focusing on exercise over nutrition is just sabotaging your best results. Let’s tackle both sides together and set you up for success.
The most important principle in weight loss is this: IF YOU CAN’T KEEP IT UP, YOU CAN’T KEEP IT OFF.