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We know how hard it is to stay committed to fitness on your own. We are all products of our communities. Nobody succeeds or fails alone.
We offer custom fit personal training. Just walk through the door and we will take care of everything else.
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Small Group Personal Training

We’ve taken 1-on-1 personal training and made it more effective, more affordable and more fun. Everything is tailored to you, but we’ve added social support & fun from the other ladies, while also lowering the price & increasing schedule flexibility. Combining small group personal training with our fun, supportive and non-intimidating environment is a recipe for long-term success.

What To Expect – First Visit

We start everyone with an in depth Starting Point Session with our head coach. (Fun fact: our head coach played for the Carolina Panthers during their first season.) This Starting Point Session is where we learn to program for your specific needs and goals. Additionally, we will go over nutrition, goal setting, and customize your warm up.

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True180 Personal Training | No Matter Your Fitness Level We Will Build a Fitness Program Around You

What To Expect – Workouts

Each small group personal training session will be a scheduled appointment and  takes about 50 min – you work at your own pace. We’ll take you through a total body workout that includes mobility, strength, core and cardio. We will adjust how much you do and how hard you work based on how you are feeling today. You’ll get exactly what you need during every session.

True180 Personal Training | Restaurant Cheat Sheet
True180 Personal Training | Restaurant Cheat Sheet
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