Whole eggs or egg whites

Q & A: Which one is better for me? Whole eggs or egg whites?

Q & A:  Which one is better for me?  Whole eggs or egg whites?

A:  Egg whites hands down.  I don’t know anyone who doesn’t struggle to get enough protein without going overboard on calories, which is why egg whites win.

A large whole egg only has 6.3g of protein for 71 calories.  The same number of calories of egg whites would have about 15g of protein. 

Whole eggs or egg whites? Too Little Protein Per Calorie per whole egg.

Eggs, like steak, are mostly fat not protein.  To be specific, whole eggs are 60% fat by calories.

Most women need ~35 of protein per meal if eating 3 meals per day.  Here’s how breakfast breaks down with whole eggs or egg whites:

Whole eggs

·       5 ½ egg                                                          395 calories

·       ½ tbsp oil (which is a very stingy amount)   60 calories

·       1 slice toast (sad, dry toast)                          75 calories

·       1 cup strawberries                                        50 calories

·       Total                                                  580 calories

580 calories spent on breakfast (with dried up toast that is thirsting for butter) is a lot for most women.  If this is 1/3 of the daily intake, then you’ll end up eating 1,800 calories.  Regardless of what you see in magazines or online, 1,800 is a lot of calories for most women.

Egg whites

·       1 1/3 cup egg white                                      166 calories

·       ½ tbsp oil (which is a very stingy amount)   60 calories

·       1 slice toast                                                   75 calories

·       2 pats (2/3 tbsp) butter                                70 calories

·       1 cup strawberries                                        50 calories

·       Total                                                  421 calories

In this example we have the same breakfast, except we don’t subject ourselves to the torture of dry toast, and we saved 160 calories.  Anytime you can save 100+ calories per meal you are winning. 

Bottom Line

As Ben Franklin did not say, a calorie saved is a calorie burned.  Obviously my two examples above can’t give you all of the options available to you, but I hope they got you thinking.  Maybe you don’t like toast, or maybe you really like yolks.  In that case you could drop the toast and butter and use one whole egg (and less whites). 

Perhaps you want more fiber in your breakfast, so you could dump (no pun intended*) the butter and toast in exchange for 3 cups of strawberries (~9g of fiber!)… 

Here are some more ways to save calories and get more protein for not too many calories.

Lastly, if you are curious about the mythical “healthy fat,” they don’t exist

*Who am I kidding?  The pun was definitely intended.  Potty humor is the spice of life.

To recap, Whole eggs or egg whites? Egg whites every time when it comes to getting enough protein without going overboard on calories.

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