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?The Fall Challenge is Back?

Stuck in a rut? Did summer vacations and parties get you off track?  Want to get it together before the holidays consume you?
 Then we have something perfect for you: 🍂The Fall Challenge🍂.
 This is a 6 week Lifestyle program focused on Fitness and Nutrition to get you the results you want.
You commit to:
1.   Workout 3 days per week
2.   Eat better and log your food
3.   Work hard and be accountable
We commit to:
1.   Being your coach and partner
2.   Show you exactly what to do in terms of exercise, nutrition and lifestyle
3.   Provide and positive and encouraging environment
The Fall Challenge runs from October 6 to November 16th.
We have space for a maximum of 20 participants.  Only 6 of those 20 can be for non-clients.
We will have a Kick Off Seminar at T180 on September 28th!
                                                                   🍂  🍂  🍂  🍂  🍂  🍂  🍂  🍂  🍂  🍂  🍂  🍂 🍂

FAQs and details:
1. What is a T180 challenge? Supercharged accountability on your nutrition and workouts, and it’s a fun way to develop healthy habits (i.e. actually do what we tell you to do!)
2. Who should do it? Anyone who is interested in:
  • becoming a healthier you in a faster amount of time
·      getting back on track
·      learning what it means to do what we tell you for real
·      losing the summer pounds
·      developing healthy habits
3. What are the rules?
  • A minimum of three workouts/week (at T180 or at home)
  • Submitting a food log (or journal) and lifestyle checklist to your coach on time
  • Be accountable
4. How is this challenge different? Unlike the Holiday Hold ‘Em or Project 0 Challenges that are about maintaining your hard work, this is about maximum progress in a sustainable way.
This will be a team-based challenge because this increases accountability, and you are committing to more frequent and intense accountability.
5. What is the cost? For T180 Members it’s only $97 for 6 weeks of kick-butt, daily accountability.
If you refer a non-member and they join in, your Challenge fee is halved; refer 2 friends and it’s free!  Non-members are $397, and this includes a Starting Point and up to 3 sessions per week for the 6 weeks.
6. Why isn’t it free for members?  Because free challenges don’t get taken seriously.  We’ve tested this 6 ways from Sunday for the last decade and free doesn’t work.
7. How and when do I sign up?!
  • Sign up by 9/29 as there is limited space and we want to be prepared for you
  • Signing up is easy. Send us an email (See Contact Us Page)
  • Sign up at the gym
8. What are important dates?
  • Sign up by 9/28
  • Kick off seminar on 9/28, 5-6:30pm. Talk starts at 5:15pm!
  • The Challenge officially starts on Saturday, October 6th and runs through Friday, November 16th (the Friday before Thanksgiving).

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