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Are You a Workout Warrior?

We πŸ’› LOVE πŸ’› announcing every month who has become a Workout Warrior!

You might be wondering…. What’s a Workout Warrior?

A Workout Warrior (WW) is a woman that show shows up consistently.  Based on our +40 years of combined coaching experience, we define consistency as a minimum of 8 training sessions per month.

We started this program to help you be as successful as possible.  Consistency trumps everything else in your success.  When we recognize and reward consistency we get more of it, and you get more success.

How does it work?
Show up 8+ times per month and you will automatically get your name on the WW board and in our monthly raffle.

What are the prizes?
Seeing better results, and feeling better are the most important.

When you hit the magic number (8), your name will be automatically added to the board and to the monthly raffle.

The prize(s) will vary, but will always be awesome!

We have special surprises planned for 3 and 12 months streaks

What should I do now?
Show up:-)

What’s the surprise for 3 and 12 months streaks?
It’s a super awesome shirt you can’t buy anywhere! And a super fancy, more fabulous, sparkling butt kicking shirt you can only earn by showing up and making the Workout Warrior Board 10 out of 12 months – now that is a streak!

Our newest


design is shown above!! We can’t wait to see you rocking it! The past 3 months have been HARD for many reasons. Way to go to everyone who’s hit the magic number!

And if you are wondering what one of our workouts consist of find out here: The 5 Parts of a Smart Workout.

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