Are you Undoing your Week and Weight Loss Goal?

Happy Friday! The weather is getting warmer, restaurants are opening for outdoor dining, weekend vacations are underway – – – for many people this can include an extra glass of wine, beer, or mixed drink.  But is that drink going to undo your hard work of watching what you consume during the week for your weight loss goal?

While I might really want that frozen Pina Colada, it will not help me on my goal – I would chose a skinny margarita instead.

You want to remember to Treat yourself, and NOT cheat yourself.

Most women are either “on a diet” or “being bad.” I don’t think I’m the only one who agrees that this is both miserable and counterproductive. Food is food. There’s no “good” and there’s no “bad.” Leave the guilt and deprivation out of this.

Focus on finding the maximum ice cream, chips, adult beverage (or whatever your favorite vacation/weekend treat) you can eat and still be the size you want to be.

–> In other words, all calories count and you want to figure out how to get maximum enjoyment from them. Logging your food is an excellent way to figure this out. There are several free apps you can easily put on your phone to help you with your weight loss goals or maintaining your weight. We use My Fitness Pal.

Here’s to a great weekend!

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