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Beware of the Flip Flop

Warmer weather is most certainly here! Flip flops can seem like an easy, cooler choice as summer approaches but we want to warn you about the ways they can affect your feet. First of all quality movement requires a good base of support. Problems with your feet can cause major discomfort in the rest of your body. Keeping in mind that many of you also walk for part of your daily commute protecting your feet is really important.

The biggest issue with flip flops is that your toes have to scrunch up and hold the shoe to your foot as you walk. This puts pressure on joints that don’t need extra pressure and can lead to painful inflammation of the tendons in your toes or even tendonitis. Another concern is the disruption flip flops cause with the way you walk. Studies have found people take shorter strides when wearing flip flops compared to wearing a more supportive shoe and typically strike the ground with their heal first. Especially with the cheaper, flimsy flip flops the lack of support as your heal hits can lead to a domino effect of pain throughout the rest of your legs and even your back.

Fortunately not all sandals cause these problems! We have some tips on what to keep in mind while shopping for your summer shoes:

  1. Say yes to the ankle strap. Sandals that have a strap that wraps around the back of your foot will keep the shoes on so that your toes don’t have to.
  2. Pay attention to material. We’ve made the case that it’s a good idea to keep your feet happy and healthy. It’s worth the extra cost to be sure your shoes are made with quality materials that will absorb shock and prevent blisters.
  3. Be sure about the fit. It’s a good idea to try on shoes later in the day when your foot is largest to get the best fit. Make sure that your heal doesn’t slip as you walk. Also don’t expect the sandals to stretch out with use, they should feel comfortable in the store while you’re trying them on.

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