True 180 Personal Training | Charlotte Personal Trainer answers, “How do I convert my cycling to steps?”

Charlotte Personal Trainer answers, “How do I convert my cycling to steps?”

Do you like to bike? If so you might have wondered….

Q & A: How do I convert my cycling to steps?  How much time on a bike does it take to get my steps?

A:  The most practical conversion is to put your smart watch or activity tracker in your pocket or sock and let it count your steps that way. Most people dislike this method because the yield seems so low.  This is especially true when you compare it with My Fitness Pal telling you that 30 min on a bicycle means you can eat a medium pizza! This is just not true.

n case you were wondering, you can’t buy a 🍕 pizza 🍕 with 30 min of cycling (or 30 min of anything for that matter).

Further Numerical Disappointment
If you are busting your ass on a 🚴 bike, you’ll get to 80-100 RPM (revolutions, or turns of the peddles, per minute).  If we use the mathematically easier 100 RPM, then 30 minutes will yield 3,000 steps, which is the name as what you would get for 30 min of moderately brisk walking.

This is usually very disappointing news because it takes a lot of will power to peddle that fast for 30 min, so it seems as if you should get more credit.  Unfortunately for calorie expenditure bicycles were invented to be energy efficient.  This is why there are more than 1 billion bicycles in use, globally, more than 200 years after their invention.  We don’t use them very much for transportation in the US, but the rest of the world does.

Big Picture
Cycling is physical activity, and physical activity is good.  The more the better.  It is also wise to be sure and get a lot of walking (especially with a vest!), strength training and maybe some jogging (if you’re joints can handle it) into the mix because our bones need to be stressed to maintain themselves.  Seated or water based exercise do not help prevent osteoporosis.

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