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True180 Personal Training | Chunky Applesauce – A Favorite of your Personal Trainer

Chunky Applesauce – A Favorite of your Personal Trainer

Fall is just days away and lately I’ve started to see tons of apple picking photos! Your favorite personal trainer happens to love apples – fun fact! Apples are a great fruit to add some natural sweetness to a meal.

September and October are prime months to head to the orchard or get amazing apples from your grocery store. If you have too many apples on hand this recipe is super simple and fast and is a terrific compliment to many proteins or even potatoes. It takes about 15minutes to have amazing gourmet homemade applesauce.


  • Apples. Try using +2 varieties.
  • Truvia or other low cal sweetener of choice to taste
  • Pinch of salt


1. Peel apples.
2. Cut into medium chunks.
3 Add to pot of water (enough to cover your apples).
4. Simmer until desired consistency – soft to mushy.
5. Drain the water and smash with a fork.

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