Cooped Up Inside and Still Getting in Steps

Are you cooped up inside today with the threat of weather Armageddon? Today’s not a day you’re likely going outside for a walk or much of anywhere (but we still are open for sessions – so if you need to Zoom this afternoon, that is fine!).

Even though you’re at home, it’s still important to get your workout and your steps in.

One of the strategies I use on bad weather days is to set a timer for 10 minutes and pace the house because I know I can get about 1,000 steps done in about 10 minutes – which is a nice chunk. I live in a small apartment with 3 other people and too much stuff – lol. I can still get this done navigating the mess and toys. My point is that you do not need a large home to get your indoor step in.

Below are 2 articles about some myths and facts that surround getting steps.

True180 Personal Training | Walking & Tracking Steps: Myth vs. Fact
True180 Personal Training | Walking & Tracking Steps: Myths vs Facts Part 2: 10,000 Steps ?

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