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Elaine D. is a rock star winner of our Summer Challenge with 34 other awesome 💃💃 women.  We asked everyone a few questions and here are her replies about what she’s learned or taken away since starting her journey with True 180:

What’s been a big take away for you:

For me I have learned not to worry too much about the scale and stay focused on getting healthy.  That includes making healthy food choices and tracking food but paying attention to the protein, healthy fat and reduced carbs.

I do not totally deprive myself, skip meals or do meal replacement shakes.  I learned that approach does not work for me.   Everyone responds differently and I think you should find the healthy food approach that works for you personally.

I enjoy the exercise so for me that is not the hard part of the weight reduction, it is keeping my food choices in check.

Anything you now do that you did not do before? And/Or anything you NO longer do?

I was weighing myself every other day and became a little obsessed with the scale.  I found that did not work for me so I changed to weighing myself once every week or sometimes 2 weeks and have found that works much better for me.

Anything else you want to share?

I had some health issues that really took a toll on me and I let myself become emotionally convinced that I would never feel good or be strong again.  It was a difficult and depressing time for me.

Thank goodness I decided to give my health one more try and went to True 180 to try it out.  Best life decision ever!  40 pounds lighter, strong , and cholesterol and blood pressure back to normal, yay!

True 180 Personal Training for Women empowers women to reach their personal health and fitness goals. Our results-based training focuses on your personal health and fitness goals in a supportive, fun and community atmosphere that you’ll call home.

We Specialize In Helping Women Reach Their Health and Fitness Goals

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