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Fall in Love with the Airdyne

Our style of resistance training and metabolic conditioning tick all the boxes for our clients fitness, health, and weight loss goals, especially building a strong, healthy heart.

Many people are initially shocked to see our studio doesn’t include traditional “cardio equipment like treadmills or elliptical machines. The one machine we make an exception for at our gym is worth its weight in gold: the Airdyne bike.

Here are the top 6 advantages to spending time on the bike:

1.     Heart Health. Training with the Airdyne bike is a great way to enhance aerobic efficiency. Studies show that this kind of high cardiac demand helps keeps your heart healthy and structurally sound.

2.     Progressive resistance. We often talk with our clients about the importance of variety to avoid adaptations and plateaus, what’s important to note about the Airdyne is that the only resistance mechanism is air which means the harder you work the harder it feels. In other words, the bike will test your metal no matter how fit you are! Your effort on the Airdyne will keep you on track to reach your goals.

3.     Full body. We coach our clients to use the hand levels as much as they use the pedals while riding. This use of your upper and lower body is what sets the airdyne apart from other machines. Your entire body will work at near maximum capacity – torching an incredible amount of calories – and your metabolism will stay buzzing for many hours after your workout.

4.     No presets. Our coaches are passionate about tracking and quantifying success. But we also know that sometimes numbers can become a bit of a stumbling block. The Airdyne has no preset levels for resistance or intensity and this can be a really good thing! This allows you just focus on giving your best effort for a certain amount of time or distance instead of feeling intimidated or complacent by a specific level or number on a screen.

5.     No impact. Many of our clients are working through knee or foot pain and the Airdyne bike is a great training tool. The bike allows for high-intensity, full body power without requiring high levels of impact to your joints that other methods like sprinting or jumping rope rely on which only gains more importance each year.

6.     Mental toughness. We saved the best benefit for last! Our clients often groan at the mention of this effective, amazing piece of equipment because the Airdyne bike is really hard. There is no question that your muscles will burn while you work. Embracing that discomfort and pushing yourself to do your best is the whole point. Always keep in mind how empowering it is to accomplish what challenges you.

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