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Sustaining the momentum (or even starting!) can definitely be a challenge because there are always so many other things that pop up and want to occupy our time.

Many people think that since I own the gym, that I get paid to workout.  That would be awesome if it was true!  When you own the gym you realize that you can spend 16-20hrs in a gym and not do any exercise:-).  Besides the business I’m also a father… my point is that I want you to know that I *really* do understand what it’s like for fitness to be a challenge. 

One of the strategies that I have found most useful might sound too simple to be useful, but it’s not: scheduling my workouts before the week starts.  The key is that it has to be in my calendar, and not in my head. When my workout schedule is only in my head and crazy hits my life on Monday, then it’s frighteningly easy to wake up on Thursday only to realize that: (a) it’s day #4 of the week and, (b) I have done no exercise yet, AND (c) today is jam-packed and I can’t possibly make time today for it.  (This is kinda embarrassing given the business I’m in.)

When I schedule my workouts in my calendar then these appointments are real because they already occupy space in my week before anything else can grab that time. 

When something pops up I have 2 choices:

1. I can say “no” or “I have an appointment then, but I can do that at _____ instead.”
2. If the new thing can’t be moved, then I can move my workout on my calendar to another time that will work.

Hope this helps as you start thinking about the new year.

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