True180 Personal Training | Kris – Summer Challenge Winner!!

Kris – Summer Challenge Winner!!

Kris participated in our Summer Challenge with 34 other awesome 💃💃 women. We had 3 top winners -the point of change was how we determined who won. This impressive lady lost over 7lbs between June and August at a time when most people are gaining weight on vacation.  We asked everyone a few questions and here are her replies:
1. What was your biggest take away?
                                     ➡   Logging food is the key!
2. Anything you now do that you did not do before? And/Or anything you NO longer do?
                                     ➡    I plan my meals ahead and log – and then make changes as needed.  This keeps me accountable and helps relieve the pressure of what to eat when I am busy and could have otherwise made poor decisions.
3. Anything else you want to share?
                                     ➡   Upping my workouts at T-180 to 3x a week. When your body feels this good, you just want to keep going!!

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