True180 Personal Training | Member Spotlight: Janet L.

Member Spotlight: Janet L.

Meet Janet,  she is one amazing woman and our September Member Spotlight!
I am a single 52 year old woman with 2 grown children who live in Kansas, 2 small dogs, I work from home and don’t get out much.  (Whisper:  I’ve got the dreaded menopause and that makes it even more challenging to lose weight).  I started lifting weights when I was 23 and even entered a body building contest.  I’ve worked out off and on for the last 30 years (mostly off).  At one point,  I could squat 300 pounds – I know, right?

1.  What was your life like before you started training with True 180?

I had joined 9Round earlier in the year but then I wouldn’t go for one reason or another and then it was easier to just stay home than it was to go work out.  They didn’t care if I showed up until it was time to renew and I told them no thanks.  It was then I realized what I needed was accountability and someone to care if I’m there or not.  I get that at T180.  They want you to meet your goals as much as you do and you can’t do it if you don’t show up for it.

2.     What results have you gotten/what has changed/can you do?

I moved recently and had to manage all the cleaning and packing myself.  I am certain that had I not been working out for the past several months that it would have been a lot harder to do and my back would have been killing me.  And… I can do some pretty decent push ups ;o)  Pull ups w/o bands are my next goal.

3.     What challenges have you overcome?

Not wanting to get out of bed in the morning to go workout.  Seriously, that’s the biggest one.

4.     Would you recommend T180 to anyone else?

Hell to the yeah!!  The guys are great and all the ladies are incredibly supportive of one another!! And if I’m not there for some reason, I get an email saying, “Hey we missed you!  Where were you? Are you ok?”  And I like that.

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