True180 Personal Training | Member Spotlight: Suzanne G.

Member Spotlight: Suzanne G.

Meet our first Member of the Month – Suzanne G. She is a cancer survivor, fund raiser, works full time, and an overall amazing woman!

“I’m Suzanne. I’m a 54 year old newlywed ridiculously happy National Account Manager for a major poultry manufacturer and I have been in and out of the location that houses TRUE180 for more than 5 years.

I was physically active as a youngster, played basketball, ran track. As I got older, I really didn’t focus on being active or taking particularly good care of myself … but I had A LOT of fun!  In August of 2010 I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Shocking! No family history.  I had my surgery in October, chemotherapy Nov through Feb, radiation Feb through April.  February my father had a stroke and passed away.  That year sucked!

In November of 2011 I walked in my first 60 mile Susan G Komen Breast Cancer walk, and have walked in 5 more since then.  That was how I decided I would try to make a difference in the fight against that terrible disease that has taken so many lives.  As bad as my experience was, I was one of the fortunate ones and felt like I could do some good.   Preparing for the walk was daunting, I was not in great shape physically or mentally, but I made it and in March of 2012 I decided I needed to focus on being healthier.

Given the Breast Cancer and my fathers stroke, I knew that if I didn’t start making better choices, my struggles would continue and likely get worst.

I still do the Breast Cancer Walks, and am preparing for one in NYC in October. An Avon 39.3 mile trek this time. I have participated in tall building stair climbs, and will continue to support Firefighters/First Responders to honor those that perished on 9/11/01, and look forward to climbing the 100 plus floor Freedom Tower in their honor in September of 2021.

What I know now that I didn’t know then is that fitness is a lifestyle not a short term decision … I was successful, lost some weight, built some muscle, thought i had it figured out, could do it on my own … and failed, more than once.

TRUE180 came to be last year in October at this oh so familiar place … where I had been successful and a failure over the years …

I finally get that I am solely responsible for how I look and feel.  It’s not my husbands or my girlfriends responsibility or fault. It is mine.

I’m never shocked anymore when the scale says I gained or lost weight.  I already knew it before I got on the scale.  I feel so much better when I am disciplined and in control, can be at the gym and make my own food.  The reality though is that is not always possible and it is up to me to make the best decision for every situation.  The ladies at and the TRUE180 trainers/team are an invaluable addition to my everyday life, helping me be my very best me!”

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