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Ballantyne Personal Trainer Announces A Rock Your Jeans Challenge

Are you stuck in a rut? Did summer vacations get you off track?  Want to get it together before the holidays consume you? Still have a bit of quarantine weight to shed. Then we have something perfect for you: The Rock Your Jeans Challenge by Ballantyne Personal Trainer.

This is a 6 week lifestyle focused program based on fitness and nutrition to get you the results you want.

You commit to:

1.     At least 3 workouts a per week (at T180 or at home/log it in the app)

2.    Moving a whole lot!

3.    Submit your tracking sheet on time every week.

We commit to:

1.    Being your Ballantyne Personal Trainer and partner.

2.    Show you exactly what to do in terms of exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle.

3.    Provide a positive and encouraging environment. AKA Accountability!

The Fall Challenge runs from September 18-October 28.

We have space for a maximum of 20 participantsYou do not need to currently be a member to join. Just reply to this email if you are interested.

FAQs and details:
1. Who should do it? Anyone who is interested in:

  • becoming a healthier you in a faster amount of timelosing the summer pounds
  • anyone genuinely willing to do the work

3. What do I have to do?

1.     At least 3 workouts a per week (at T180 or at home/log it in the app)

2.    Moving a whole lot!

3.    Submit your tracking sheet on time every week.

4.   Do I have to take a photo?


1.     You can take the photo at the kickoff event or send me a photo of you in your 👖 jeans (or similar item) on/before Sept 17th. They should not be able to zip.

2.    You will send me a photo of yourself in the same clothing on or before Oct 18th.

5. How much does it cost?
There are 2 options.

1.     Just the Challenge Fee: $25.

2.    Challenge Fee + Protein: $70.  (This includes the 25% discount, no shipping fees.)
Most women cannot hit their protein goals without a good quality protein shake. We love Dotfit because it is 3rd party tested, meaning the ingredients listed is what is actually in it! They have Whey and also Plant Based. More info HERE.

6. This sounds like a lot of hard work!
            Yes, it is. It’s not easy and you are worth the struggle to figure this out. The things we want are usually pretty difficult and we have confidence in you to figure it out.

7. How and when do I sign up?!

  • Sign up at the studio.
  • Give us a call/email.

8. What are important dates?

  • This is a drop in event Sunday September 17th from 9am-11am
  • (If necessary we can make alternate arrangements).
  • The Challenge officially starts Monday September 18th and runs through Saturday October 28th.

9. What is this T180 challenge? If you are asking this question, there’s a good chance you only skimmed the post. I do this often! However, it’s important to know what is included. Please reread and if you have specific questions about the challenge, I’d be more than happy to answer. There will be specific things to do in this Challenge so now is a good time to start being thorough.

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