True180 Personal Training | Spotlight on Jaclyn D.

Spotlight on Jaclyn D.

Our October spotlight is on amazing member Jaclyn.  Keep reading to see how she might inspire you or someone you know.

1.      What was your life like before you started training with True 180?

Tired!  I moved to Charlotte in July 2016 and found True 180 in November 2016 through Facebook.  I lived the previous two years working in Oakland, CA and commuting anywhere from 3-5 hours roundtrip every day.  I literally ate, slept, and worked.  I was too tried to do much of anything, especially exercise. 

I haven’t had a solid workout regimen for about 7 years when I was still living in AZ.  Throughout my adult life I have done a little bit of everything…CrossFit, regular gyms by myself, regular gyms with trainers, Zumba, Beachbody, 9 Round, Les Mills, yoga, swimming, tennis.  I’ve gone to two gyms in Arizona similar structures to True 180. One of them had some amazing trainers mixed in with some very crappy ones.  The other liked to shame you for your food choices.  I mean sometimes you eat half a bag of Hershey kisses…that’s life.

I’ve also tried pretty much every diet ever invented…literally.

2.      What results have you gotten/what has changed/what can you now do you weren’t able to do before?

True 180 is really the only gym program I’ve ever stuck to or actually enjoyed going to.  I have gotten the below results so far. I really started losing weight when I started tracking.  I try to log all my food before I eat it so that I can adjust my plans if I need to.  There’s nothing worse than plugging your numbers and having an “oh shit” moment.  I try to avoid those now if I can.  Also each of my arms has lost about 5 lbs each!!! Goodbye chicken wings!









-21.9 lbs


BF Mass



-22.6 lbs







BF %





3.      What challenges have you overcome?

I think most women nowadays have an unhealthy relationship with food.  My biggest challenge has been to look at food as fuel and to not feel bad about what I eat, no matter if it’s a salad or a greasy cheeseburger.  If I plan my food ahead of time then I don’t feel any negative feelings when I indulge in the foods I like.      

4.      Would you recommend T180 to anyone else? and why?

Absolutely! For two reasons:

1)      The amazing trainers. I’ve gone to trainers before and it was quite obvious that they knew very little about how the body works.  I need someone who knows how and when to adjust my exercises and I need to be able to trust them.   

2)      The fabulous women who go to the gym.  The community aspect of this gym is what makes it different from other places.  The gym has an energy that makes you want to come in and workout and it’s nice having people who notice when you aren’t there.

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