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Charlotte Personal Trainer Explains BEST Time To Workout

Does when you workout actually matter? Are there times of day that you can exercise that will deliver more fat burned and/or more muscle built?  The honest answer (as always) is yes, no, and everyone is different.

The right answer for you will depend on these 4 key factors for workout timing:

1. Energy levels:  we all have a peak energy window.  Some people start at 6am, and others get going at 10am. Hitting this window will absolutely lead to better results – more calories burned, more muscle tone, more strength, etc.

2. Priorities:  we only get one peak energy window per day.  You may be doing something like building a new business1 that requires your one and only peak energy window.  That is 100% OK.  Exercise during your peak is optimal, but not essential.  You can be doing something awesome without it being optimal.

3. Sleep: just like with caffeine, everyone has a cut-off time if you want decent sleep.  Most people need about 2 hours between the end of a workout and bedtime. You’ll discover yours with some trial and error.

4. Unpredictability:  the more unpredictable your life the earlier your workouts should be. For example, you may have a big work project with lots of unknowns that require you to stay late to meet deadlines. Control your controllables, and manage everything else.  For most people this means working out before any emergencies can happen.  

The bottom line on all of this is: there is no such thing as “the best” in anything.  There is only your best. Your best is just about your effort, and doing the best job you can with the resources you have.  The best is about being “perfect” and/or trying to impress people you don’t care about on social media.

Pick the best time of day to exercise that you can be consistent with.  That’s your best.

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