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COVID 😷 is overwhelming.  We’re cut off from our families, can’t see other people smiling at us through their masks, and, if you’re a mom you’re having to figure out school during COVID.  This is overwhelming.  When you’re overwhelmed you feel bad.  When you feel bad you often don’t feel like working out, and I totally get that.

However, reality is this:  we’re all going to be overwhelmed by COVID until it’s over. 

You have 2 choices: 

  • you can be overwhelmed and let your body deteriorate and deprive your mind of the best emotional outlet available,
  •  OR –

(B) you can be overwhelmed and take care of yourself… overwhelmed is out of your hands.  We don’t get a choice there, but we do get to choose whether we do self-care or not.

Not saying that it is easy.  It’s most definitely harder, but it’s most definitely more important than ever.

It’s the same as showing up for work: many days you won’t feel like it, but you show up anyways and get what is necessary done.

Schedule your workouts in your calendar/iphone.  And if you need help with staying consistent or knowing what to do for your body and goals then find a personal training that can help (I happen to know a couple world class coaches! – Just saying 😁 )

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