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Halloween always kicks off the holiday weight gain season. This year most of us have been gaining since March, and Halloween candy is going to be even more of a problem this year. The combination of more time at home, fewer trick or treaters, and being unable to return or donate candy in 2020 means MORE CANDY EVERYWHERE!

This is hard if you live alone or with your spouse and kids. Please remember, if it’s in your house it is in your mouth. So while you are enticed to buy a huge bag of candy from the awesome Halloween displays, remember to buy the candy that you DO NOT like.

There’s more than a good chance you will not have many/any trick or treaters as in years past and you wont be able to return the $50 of candy, take it to work, or donate it due to Covid-19.

If there is candy in your house there are 2 things to do:

1. ​​ Keep up your routine

2.  Eat healthfully
(Here’s a great article on how much protein you need)

Doing both will help keep cravings away!

​​And if you happen to love pumpkin, try this awesome Pumpkin Pie Shake!

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