True 180 Personal Training | Charlotte Personal Trainer answers: Can I still get fit? I’m over 50!

Charlotte Personal Trainer answers: Can I still get fit? I’m over 50!

A new woman came into our women’s only personal training studio the other day worried and a bit nervous. She asked us…

Q: Can I still get fit if I’ve never really worked out? I’m over 50!

A. Yes! We notice incredible progress when our clients realize they don’t have to stay stuck in their old habits or lifestyles – no matter what age they are. Just because the last few times you tried to get in shape didn’t work out the way you planned doesn’t mean you will fail this time. Just because you didn’t grow up playing sports or stay active in your 30s and 40s doesn’t mean you can’t start now and have phenomenal success.

True180 prides itself on helping each and every client connect deeply with their goals and thinking creatively about strategies for success. Making sustainable, positive changes in any area of your life will present challenges and that’s okay! Those challenges are not a reflection on your lack of will power or dedication as others in the fitness industry might have you believe. We coach our clients through recovering from those setbacks and learning new skills to keep moving forward. You can always learn new tricks! Here are four keys to keep in mind:

1. Start small. It’s tempting to ride the momentum when you’re feeling fired up about making changes. As you are probably well aware, however, motivation can be quite a fickle friend. Real, lasting progress requires small tweaks to your existing routine and building on successes. If you need to sleep more aim to get to bed just 15 minutes earlier. Or if you’ve been out of the exercise game for a while try fitting in 3 workouts a week. We live in an “all or nothing”, “go big or go home” kind of culture. It’s so important to resist the urge to apply those unproductive, ineffective approaches to health and fitness goals.

2. Tweak your goal. As we touched on above, modifying your actions and habits works best when you are personally invested to the end goal. Getting to the gym might feel like a chore if the only reason you’re going is because your doctor told you to. Conversely, if you want to get stronger and fitter to keep up with your kids or grand-kids during an upcoming vacation you’ll probably exercise more consistently and perform better during your workouts. True180 is pretty passionate about the power of goal-setting.

3. Self talk. Part of what sustains your old habits and what is holding you back from rewarding changes is how you talk to yourself. The body of research linking negative self-talk to poorer mental and physical health is growing by the day. Even if it feels forced and awkward, work to consciously celebrate your strengths and achievements instead of only harping on what you want to “fix.”

4. Talk to your coach. Peruse our clients’ amazing success stories if you want firsthand information about what a powerful role this plays. Your coach understands the hard work your putting in and the struggles you might face. We are here to offer new strategies and remind you of your capabilities. If you’re feeling burnt out, discouraged or bored setup an Accountability Call.

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