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Happy 1st day of August! Usually on the 1st of the month, I share which charity our check-ins will benefit.  This month I’ll share on the 15th!

Going forward, we have decided to take this local. This means we are no longer partnering with Causely because we realized only ~30% of our fees made it to the charity and that was NOT good enough for us.

We decided we’d like to focus on local charities and have a bigger impact right here in our community. This eliminates the middle man and allows us to actually donate more and let’s our donation do more too!

We’d love your input for local suggestions. I’ll keep a running list.

True 180 will make a monthly donation and we will share this information every month with you!

Thank you!

PS-Please keep tagging us in post on Facebook and Instagram. We love and appreciate it very much any time you share!

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