True180 Personal Training | ** Client Spotlight on Rebecca P. **

** Client Spotlight on Rebecca P. **

I’ve struggled with my weight all my life. I’ve yo-yo’d. I’ve jumped from diet to diet. I’ve worked out sporadically. The last year has changed my life.

  • I finally enjoy working out
  • I can do pushups on my toes (for the first time in my life!)
  • I’ve lost weight and kept it off
  • I don’t feel guilty about eating
  • I’ve found the right community of women

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What were your workouts like before joining T180?

My workouts were sporadic and I wasn’t very consistent.

What are your workouts like now?

 I’ve been coming consistently, and I really enjoy it, which is why I am likely so consistent! Scheduling ahead of time is key for me and pushes me to show up. One of the things I love the most is that I come in and not knowing what to expect. It’s always changing and pushing me in a different way which is really different than what I feel I  had anywhere else I’ve worked out.

What results have you seen since starting?

Since joining I didn’t realize how drastic the results have been until one of women I train with on Saturday mornings had seen an old FB post – she asked me to get into the same pose as the old post and she showed me how much I had changed! I had no idea I had changed so much – really shrinking down and looking so much more toned.

What’s surprised you the most since working out at T180?

What’s surprised me the most was how much I would really enjoy it.  I remember when we first started doing pushups and I was on my knees and had multiple pads stacked under me.  I would see some of the other ladies see doing regular man pushups….and I’m just blown away by how strong I am I never thought I’d be doing some of the things I’m doing now.  And just really enjoying it and how the ladies encourage each other and just watching the progressing of not being able to do things and not thinking I can do things and being pushed and then realizing I can do this!


Would you recommend T180 to your friends?

I would definitely recommend the program to my friends! The comradery with the ladies that are here is great.  As we are warming up we get to share in each others’ lives, I think this is something that’s really special about this environment and obviously the results. I feel like the trainers here are so incredibly knowledgeable and I’ve never felt that way before– anytime I’ve had a little pain or something there has always been some extra care and attention to what might have been hurting for whatever reason on that day. The knowledge base here is unlike anything that I’ve ever witnessed. I have complete confidence that I’m not going to be asked

To do something that is going to hurt me or beyond what is safe for me but I’m going to be pushed to change my body and that is one of the things that make this place really unique along with the relationships between the ladies.

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