Fitness Do’s and Dont’s During HEAT Waves!

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Charlotte – Just about every  Northerner you meet who now lives in Charlotte likes to chat about the weather. And, can you blame them? The city sees an average annual high temperature of 70 degrees.

But somewhere along the line, they for­got to talk about the average summertime temp – a swampy 87 degrees.

Josef Brandenburg, certified personal trainer/owner of the new fitness studio in south Charlotte and a best-selling au­thor, offers do’s and don’ts when it comes to keeping up with a fitness routine this summer:

Don’t think you’ll burn more cal­ories exercising in the heat. In fact, you will burn fewer calories no matter how hard you work. Overheating kills muscle cells and causes kidney failure – among many other health detriments. To keep you safe, your brain limits access to your skeletal muscles when you are in a hot en­vironment. Even though you sweat more exercising in the heat, your calorie burn will be lower.

Do know the signs. Know the signs of heat exhaustion and heat stroke, and lis­ten quickly. If you try and gut your way through the warning signs, you could do serious harm to your body. The signs are: muscle cramps, nausea, headache, fatigue, irritability and/or confusion, dizziness, and rapid heart beat. If you feel any of these while in the sun, it’s time to go in­side, cool off and rehydrate now.

Don’t forget humidity. Sweat only effectively cools you off as it evaporates. However, if the air is already saturated with water (it’s super humid), then your sweat doesn’t evaporate efficiently – mak­ing you stay hot. Humidity is as (if not more) important as heat when it comes to your safety.

Do be careful with drugs. The de­congestants we take for summer colds, and the antihistamines we take for allergies can interfere with your ability to cool yourself. Don’t forget alcohol. Just because your buzz is gone doesn’t mean you are back to normal and fully hydrated.

Don’t forget common sense. A big part of staying safe in the heat is com­mon sense: drink ice cold water (being hy­drated in general); wear light-colored and breathable clothing; find shady places to exercise; and work out early or late in the afternoon.

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