True180 Personal Training | Charlotte Personal Trainer: Home Gym Made Easy

Charlotte Personal Trainer: Home Gym Made Easy

As a Charlotte Personal Trainer – with a women’s only studio! – one of the most frequently asked questions we are currently getting is, “What do I need for my home gym?”

That all depends on how much you want to spend.  We’ve made this list of best buys in ascending order of price.


All of these take up minimal space and give you a lot of versatility. Ours fits in the linen closet.


For contrast: a decent home treadmill will cost at least $800, and a Peleton bike will cost $2,000 + monthly membership. 

Shop at:


They currently are offering free shipping on orders over $49 (some exclusions apply)

➡️ Listed in increasing order of price:

1.True 180 home kit – included for any active member!

2. Stability ball – $25

3. Foam roller – $15+

4. Adjustable dumbbell set (or, for fixed dumbbells 15-20-25 or 20-25-30) – $2-3/pound

5. Kettlebell (12 and/or 16kilo, 20-24kilo) – $4-5/kilo

6. 12” step – $125

7. Suspension trainer (TRX are very nice, but also $2-400, and there are other options available for closer to $100 that are totally fine for home use) – $100-400

Odds and ends:

1. (Need extra band resistance?) 1” super band (our kit includes 1/2”, and you might need more resistance) – $20

2. (Need help anchoring your band or suspension trainer/TRX to a door?) door anchors

3.  (Want a more comfortable grip for bands?) handle + clip to attach

4.  (Do your knees need something more comfortable than your couch cushions?) Thera-Band

Happy Fitness!
Natillie a Charlotte Personal Trainer

PS-This is for your convenience only. We do not have stake in what you order. If you have any questions we are happy to advise. This is a great company we have ordered from for years personally and for the studio.

PPS-Have questions about starting with Virtual Personal Training? Just reply to this email. We are currently welcoming new members both locally and not locally – magic of technology!

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