True180 Personal Training | What’s got you stressing (maybe stress eating)?

What’s got you stressing (maybe stress eating)?

One of the greatest sources of stress in our lives right now is the control that has been taken away from us by the Shelter in Place.  We can’t control where we go, if our businesses are open, or who we see. We can’t even influence when we will get to determine our own schedules again.


If you live in America you’ve gone from living with more freedom than anyone else on earth to having nearly all of your choices made for you. 

In stressful situations where we feel a loss of control we are all very prone to depression and self-soothing with


food.  One of the most powerful ways to fight back is to focus on your new controllables. Focusing on these can greatly reduce stress eating.

In truth these will be things you have always been able to control, but that were taken for granted because you had so many more options.

One of the greatest sources of control and relief for me has been making my


bed and opening the blinds every single day as soon as I get up.  It feels weird to write that sentence, but doing it every single day allows we to exercise the control I do have in my new, restricted life.

Some other things I can control include:

1. Showing up for my workouts 3 x week.


2. Logging my food (even if I miss my calorie or protein goal).


3. Taking a shower every day and doing something with my  hair.


I’d love to hear (EMAIL ME!) 3 things you want to focus on right now.  Telling other people helps you feel connected and accountable, and we all need that now more than ever.

And in recognition of almost 4 weeks since we had to go Virtual, we will start hosting a virtual Office Half Hour.

Tune in Wednesday 4/15/2020 via Facebook Live from 2:00-2:30pm. You simply go to our page on Facebook to “attend.”

You can email in advance or ask on the post during the “Live Office Half Hour” any questions or things you want some help or insight on. I’ll answer everyone’s questions or get the answer for you.

Talk to you soon!

PS-YES we are currently reactivating and getting new clients started! Email or call today for more information on Virtual Personal Training.

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