How We Keep YOU SAFE: Covid-19 Safety

The CDC and White House issued new guidelines May 13, 2021, stating that vaccinated people do not need to wear masks indoors or outdoors, nor do they need to practice social distancing. This is because of how effective the vaccines have been. With that being said, we are STILL going above and beyond what is necessary to keep you (and our families) safe.

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Studio Updates:

Air Safety:

COVID-19 transmission is primarily airborne, so managing this is first and foremost.  We also like to have layers of redundancy.

  1. We run our HVAC system 24/7 because bringing in fresh air, and sanitizing the air is the most important factor in keeping people safe indoors.
  2. We have MERV 13 filter and a commercial grade UV-C sanitizing system in the HVAC system, so all of the air returning is sanitized.
  3. The air in the studio is turned over and sanitized every 8min 20sec.
  4. As an additional layer of air safety we also run four HEPA 13 Air sanitizer 24/7.

Everything else: 

Even though surface transmission is not a risk factor, we still cover that base – with layers of redundancy.

  2. Continuous disinfection:  Zetrisil: a nano-particle barrier that disinfects surfaces continuously.  It continues to work for up to 28 days and we re-apply every day.  We apply to the equipment, floors, walls, and cubbies.
  3. Each use disinfection:  Every piece of equipment is wiped down with EPA approved wipes every time it is used.
  4. No shared equipment.
  5. Hand washing upon entry.
  6. Shoe sanitizing mat upon entry.
  7. Hand sanitizer available.
  8. Disposable masks available if you’d like one.
  9. And we are continuing our 11 cleanings a week which we have been doing since 2016 when we opened.

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