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What To Do If You Already Failed

Well, that didn’t go according to plan…

I went into the new year with high expectations and some pretty lofty goals and now it’s June!

While I had a few bright spots, I had an equal number of goals that completely bombed (such as consistent meal planning and prep and trying new healthy recipes to share).


In fact, not only did I drop the ball, I actually did worse in the cooking and prep department than I have in years. Ouch. And this is something I love to do!

In the words of Mike Tyson, “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth”.

So, here I am starting fresh as we kick off a new month.

Maybe you can relate. I mean, I hope not. I hope that you are absolutely destroying your goals but if not here are a few nuggets I’m using right now that you may also find helpful…

Go back to the basics. Think about the action you are trying to incorporate. Don’t over-complicate it. What is the first step to doing that thing?  For me, the first step to cooking and prepping is to plan my day so I create the time to do it. In regards to working out it could be packing your workout clothes so you go straight to the gym after work or getting it done first thing in the morning – aka putting it in your plan for the day.

Look back at what’s worked in the past. For me, this means staying focused in the morning so I have time in the afternoon/evening to cook, read recipes and create new things. With nutrition, it could be logging your food on MyFitnessPal or cutting out alcohol (yikes).

Start today. If you haven’t figured it out by now, there will never be a perfect time to start where all the distractions of life go away – especially if your a woman. Just get started, even if it isn’t perfect. This could mean only a 10 minute walk instead of the usual 30 or making better food choices today rather than waiting till next week because you have an event coming up in a few days (this is one I hear often) – start today and still enjoy the event!
Moral of the story, the biggest problem with plans is that they rarely work out the way we envisioned. Things are going to happen.

When it does, go back to the basics. Look at past behaviors that worked well for you. And start today.

You got this!

And remember we are here to help brainstorm, set new goals, etc.
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