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If It’s In Your House…It’s In Your Mouth

You’ve likely heard the age old quote of: “If it’s in your house it’s in your mouth.”

This is 100 true! The calories you buy are the calories you eat, even if (especially if) they’re “for the kids.” There’s no diet pill and no amount of motivation that can keep the temptation in your house out of your mouth for more than a few days (or weeks if you’re lucky). It’s not easy to manage the food in your house if you don’t live alone, but it is absolutely critical to your success.

We are all prepared to be home more than ever! Making sure you keep your habits healthy involves several things:

It involves:

(A) Deciding that you deserve help from your family.

(b) Acknowledging your weaknesses (our house is oreos!)

(c) Being vulnerable and asking for help with what feels like an embarrassing request.

(d) Learning to compromise and figure out a win-win with the people you live with.

(e) Managing the commitments you arrive at as a family.

Motivational books like to pump us up with phrases like “I am not a product of my environment!” but this not true. We can resist the temptation in our environment for the first half of a good day, but given enough time and fatigue, the temptation in our environment will win. 

It doesn’t matter how motivated you are if your home (or office) is set up to sabotage your nutrition. 

Strategy trumps will power and motivation:

I am saying it again…if it’s in your house it’s in your mouth. It doesn’t matter how motivated you feel today, trust me, a bad day (or week or weeks social distancing at home) where you don’t give a damn, is coming or is already here no matter how disciplined you are usually.

Despite what reality TV would have you believe, motivation and willpower aren’t very important when it comes to weight loss and you likely already know this from personal experience – vowing to never eat ice cream again doesn’t work.

Instead of relying on motivation and good intentions please make a plan. Plan your meals. Plan for simple and delicious food at home. In addition to this blog for recipe ideas ask what your friends are making.

Also, remember that one of the best things you can do is LOG YOUR FOOD. Myfitnesspal is free and easy to use. If you have any questions just contact us. Happy Planning!

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