True180 Personal Training | T180’s Coronavirus Prevention Program

T180’s Coronavirus Prevention Program

To our community:

To be clear – We have not had any cases of COVID-19, and here’s our plan to keep it that way.

We have always exceeded industry standards in keeping the studio clean and to minimize germs. In addition clean and disinfect equipment after each use. The wipes we use are registered with the EPA to kill bacteria and viruses.

We also clean after each shift. We are also adding additional steps to our regular routine. We also do an additional weekly deep clean bringing the total times the studio is cleaned to 11 times a week.

As a result of our regular cleaning and precautions we take we have never had a “bug” spread at the studio.

Also, since it is a small group of people that come in and out of the studio things are easily monitored to keep everyone safe. We want anyone feeling under the weather to please cancel without fear of penalty.

In addition to the above:

  • we, the staff, are not traveling
  • we, the staff, are not attending any events

If you have any questions, just ask.

We care about your health and will continue keeping the studio in tip top shape. We have an amazing gym community and we know we will get through this together while continuing to stay open.


PS- As the CDC says “wash your hands” and “cover your mouth”.

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