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For many women, the end of August/the beginning of September means one thing….school is back in session – finally 😁 so having quick and healthy lunch ideas is a must.  This also means lunch boxes need to be filled and a quick lunch on the go might be a necessity for you with pick-up schedules or your work schedule. One of the easiest to make and easily our favorite to eat “on the go healthy lunch” idea is the Wrap – think lettuce, low carb tortilla, or just meat and cheese! In addition to a wrap, low calorie bread (about 45 calories a slice) is also a great option. Below are some of our favorite combinations. Enjoy!

The On the Go Healthy Lunch Wrap —> the options here are endless!!

  • Mixed spread of 1 tablespoon of whipped cream cheese, chopped spinach, chopped green onion & paprika, spread onto oven-roasted turkey and chill
  • Thin-sliced roast beef, 1 slice horseradish cheese, with sliced cucumber
  • Tuna salad wrapped with lettuce
  • Turkey and Swiss with mustard and pickles
  • Turkey wrapped around 1 asparagus stalk, with cheese and mustard
  • Raw or cooked veggies, cream cheese, and favorite spices wrapped in lettuce
  • Sliced/chopped chicken, turkey or ham with feta cheese, olives, tomato and balsamic vinegar inside romaine lettuce leaf
  • BLT Romaine lettuce boats – grape tomatoes and bacon nestled on romaine leaf
healthy lunch ideas

Check out this free guide for more easy and healthy ideas while you are out and about!


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