Our Society Is Wrong

Our society is wrong. Achy joints, a growing waist line and low energy are not a natural part of aging.

Don’t be afraid to take action! You weren’t afraid in your youth…

Here are 3 things to keep in mind to make this year the year you get younger.

#1… Only the strong survive. Strength training is the fountain of youth, and one of the greatest predictors of how long and how well you will live. Strength and muscle mass will protect you from disease and trauma in a way nothing else can.

#2… Excess sugar & body-fat age you from the inside out. Have you ever seen skin that looks like the leather on a football? That’s what happens when sugar +meets the protein in your skin and creates A.G.E.s (advanced glycation end products). AGE’s start in your skin, connective tissue (being stiff) and cartilage (dry, painful joints).

#3… Do something now. Take action now to commit your future self to follow through on your good intentions.

The next 365 days will pass regardless. Take control and use them as an opportunity to become better not older.

And this photo, well, why not! Long live strong women!

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