Top 5 Female Fitness Pitfalls

Getting to the gym is hard enough. Putting in the time with no results to show for it will make most people give up. In my 16 years of coaching these are the top 5 fitness pitfalls:

#1… Only doing one thing: commercial gyms are still gender segregated – women in the cardio area, and guys hogging the dumbbells. It’s not strength, or cardio, or mobility – it’s and. You need all three to be healthy, fit and successful at fat-loss, muscle-building, or athletic performance. They all fit in an hour.

#2… Aerobics for fat-loss: 20 years of research shows that aerobic training doesn’t work for fat-loss. Aerobics are also hard on your joints because activities like jogging are 10,000’s of repetitive pounding. High volume aerobic exercise also makes people hungry which is not a good idea for fat-loss.

3… “Earning” ice cream in the gym: you can’t out train a bad diet. Smart workouts can double the effectiveness of a good nutrition plan, and provide the willpower you need to make lifestyle changes. However, a pint of ice cream can cancel out a good workout and then some.

4… Confusing more with better: it’s not hard work or good technique – it’s and. Banging out sloppy reps because it “feel hard” will eventually injure you and keep you from any training. Slow down, think about what you’re doing. Use a load that challenges you and allows near perfect reps.

5… Treadmill warm ups: warm ups are crucial. However, walking on a treadmill is the least efficient way to spend 10min of your life. 5 min of foam rolling, 5 min of mobility/corrective work tailored to you, and, if you have time, a 5 min dynamic warm up will take your fitness to the next level.

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