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In part 1 we talked about how and why training for power becomes more important with age.  And today, in part 2, we’re going to give you 2 of the best places to start. 

I chose these 2 exercises because: 

  • They’re accessible:  there’s a version where nearly anyone can start using them (even folks with multiple knee and shoulder surgeries). 
  • You can get a lot of mileage from them:  they can be progressed (made more challenging) for a long time.  
  • Minimal equipment:  one medicine ball with an appropriate level of bounce is all you need. 

There’s 1 caveat: test the bounce of the medicine ball before you slam it.  Some medicine balls have (in my opinion) an excessive level of bounce, some have none, and others are in the middle.  You’re looking for a ball that make you work (slam with effort) to be able to catch it.  If you only have access to a very bouncy ball try letting the air out. 

Exercise 1: Medicine Ball Slam Progressions

As you throw the ball, the ball pushes back against you with equal force, and then you have to react to catch it.  These are fantastic for power, balance, hand-eye coordination, and stress relief.  

Exercise 2: “Skater” Progressions.  

Focus on finding the most challenging version you can do without pain. 

How Many, How Often? 

  • In a perfect world you’d be working out 3 days per week
  • Do these right after you finish your warm up (RAMP UP). 
  • Start with 3 sets of 10 reps, and work your way up to sets of 20. 
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