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Have you ever had one of those moments where you know a light bulb just went off?

I had one of those recently while listening to a lecture from Neal Spruce, the founder of DotFIT.

During his lecture, Neal brought up this idea of “lifespan vs healthspan vs playspan”.

While familiar with the idea, I had never quite heard it articulated like this…

Lifespan: how long you live.
Healthspan: how long you’re healthy, functional, and disease-free.
Playspan: how long you’re physically and mentally able to do the things important to you.

One example he used…

“In an ideal situation, you would pull into the garage after a long bike ride, step off your bike and fall over dead at 95 years old. The goal should be to continue to do the things you want to do for as long as you live. In order to do this, you cannot stop. You must exercise until the day you die.”

I love the picture this paints!

The goal is to be able to “play” for as many years as possible. This could mean hiking with your kids, playing golf, riding a bike on vacation with your spouse, teaching your grandkids how to play baseball, etc.

P.S- If you or someone you know is interested in expanding their “playspan”, find out how we can help here: Play for Longer!

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