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Q&A: Is Weight loss 80% diet, 90% diet or 100% diet?

Q&A: Is Weight loss 80% diet, 90% diet or 100% diet?

A: This idea is popular on the internet, and the short answer is none of the above. The more sedentary our society gets the less true the “all diet” myth becomes.  There’s only so little one can eat. Eating next to nothing gets really old really fast.

Bankrupt Logic
Weight loss = calories in – calories out.  The same way that one’s net worth = what you own (assets) – what you owe (liabilities).

Saying that weight loss is all diet (eating less) is the same as saying net worth is all assets.  To say net worth is all assets implies that your liabilities don’t matter at all. If this was true Donald Trump would never have needed to file for bankruptcy.  (There’s no politics in the prior sentence.  Literally every American knows who he is and he has filed for bankruptcy.  That’s it.)

What percentage is it?
Trying to assign an arbitrary answer to “what percentage of weight loss is diet?” is a boondoggle.  All of the time and energy spent pretending you can honestly answer this question with a number could’ve been spent on losing weight instead.

It’s a bit like trying to figure out why your child is lying and stealing.  It seems like a simple question.  However, “the answer”, if it exists, is likely beyond the scope of human understanding.  A better use of time and energy would be verifying, limit setting and boundary enforcement to teach your child that lying and stealing will no longer be tolerated. You can be ignorant of the “why,” and also be a more effective parent than pretending to have divine omniscience… in other words, exercising the common sense that your great grandparents had before we “knew better” would actually move the needle.

Weight loss facts:
·     Protein helps us feel fuller for longer, which helps us eat less.
·     Fiber does the same.
·     Water also seems to be very helpful for appetite reduction.
·     Here are ways to trim calories from your diet.
·     Here’s the truth about steps.
·     Lastly, there’s no substitute for showing up.

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