True180 Personal Training | Refreshing Cucumbers and Yogurt Side

Refreshing Cucumbers and Yogurt Side

This week’s recipe is by Coach Josef!  He is actually pretty handy in the kitchen and is a mean cook.  This is a terrific snack or side dish for the hot weather we are all experiencing.  Feel free to jazz it up and make it your own with different herbs and spices. Try it this week! 🥒 Cucumbers are in season so enjoy from your favorite local farmers market.


  • European style Yogurt (other yogurts will work and will provide a different thickness of the overall dish)
  • 🥒 Cucumbers (Josef happens to like the baby seedless cucumbers but any will work!)
  • Optional: chopped up mint, salt, pepper


  1. Clean and chop 🥒 cucumbers.
  2. Pour yogurt over 🥒 cucumbers.
  3. Season to taste.
  4. Eat! 😋
🥒 Cucumber water is another way to use this seasonal veggie.  Treat yourself by soaking cucumber and lemon slices in a pitcher of water.
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