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With Valentine’s Day approaching it’s not too late to get your body aligned with your heart.  Consistent smart exercise enhances your sex life at any age.  Consistent smart exercise does more than just maintain or improve your cardiovascular function.  It also creates and maintains proper hip mobility for what is a hip centric activity.  Additionally, smart exercise keeps you healthy which maintains desire with age.  Lastly, taking care of yourself increases confidence making sex more fun. 

The Do’s and Don’ts 

1. Do be consistent.  The “secret” to success in fitness is consistency.  2 to 4 days a week and 45-60min per day is all it takes to get great results.   

2. Don’t be excessive.  Training for more than 60-90 minutes, as in marathon preparation, can dampen desire by suppressing the production of sex hormones. 

3.  Do a hip flexor stretch every time you workout, if not every day for at least 30 seconds. This is will improve your ability to do hip extension, which is the most important action in love making.   

4.  Don’t be imbalanced.  Don’t spend an hour on just strength, or just endurance, or just flexibility.  An hour is enough time to properly address all three.  

5.  Do deadlift.  Deadlifts work your core and pelvic floor, and add strength to your hip extension.  Additionally, compound exercises, such as deadlifts increases or maintains sex hormone production, boosting desire and performance. 

6.  Don’t think fitness is about looking “perfect”.  Yes, regular exercise helps you look better, but “perfection” is an illusion created with lighting, Photoshop, make up, hitting the genetic lottery, etc. 

7.  Do push ups and planks.  These exercises create strength, stability and endurance in the muscles that are important for many positions.  

8.  Don’t push to absolute “failure”.  Like working too long, pushing too hard can suppress hormone production, decreasing desire and performance. 

9.  Do High intensity interval training.  Sex is an anaerobic (relatively intense) activity, and having specific stamina makes things more fun.  Try intense bursts of cycling, jump rope or running for 30-60 seconds, followed by 30-60seconds of recovery.  Do 5-6 minutes of this at the end of your workouts.   

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