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Tighten and Tone Your Routine Challenge

Why: Everyone gets knocked off track at some point, especially around the holidays.  This challenge is designed to help you create and integrate healthy habits in a sustainable way into your life and schedule.

The is not a “win” or “lose” Challenge. This is a get back on track challenge!

When:  Sign up deadline 1/17 5pm.
Starts Monday 1/18 – Saturday 2/13/2021

Cost: Free to join with $20 penalty for missing weekly a check-in. To avoid penalty and stay accountable you will email your tracking sheet in each Monday by 10am for the previous week.

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Q. What is creating/tracking healthy habits?

A. Primarily doing the things you know you are supposed to be doing. You will track and add in a new habit each week on a provided tracking sheet.

Q. How am I held accountable?

A. You’re held accountable by making sure you turn in your tracking sheet by 10am on Mondays starting 1/18.

Q. Can I have an accountability partner?

A. YES! If you’d like to have a partner let us know when you sign up.

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