True 180 Personal Training | Time for New Shoes? Ballantyne Personal Training answers your questions

Time for New Shoes? Ballantyne Personal Training answers your questions

When shopping for new shoes, do you ever wonder….

Q: Should I buy ones that are “the best for cross training” or “the best for HIIT”?

A: Great question. The short answer is neither.  A more complete answer is to get shoes that work for walking and/or jogging because if your shoes work for that they will be just fine for your strength workouts.

What’s a good shoe?
Good shoes will be forgotten because they are comfortable.  If you already have shoes you like, and they haven’t been discontinued, then I’d stop searching and go with what already works.  (Why do they always discontinue shoes after you realize you like them?!?!?)

If the ones you have aren’t that great or unavailable, then I’d actually suggest getting running shoes. This is because you can definitely do your strength training in them, and they’ll be great for walking and a bit of jogging too.

If it’s a new brand or a new line of shoe I’d also suggest trying them on in the store too because you never really know how they feel until they’re on your feet.  Save the online shopping for repeat purchases.

Special shoes?
If you google this topic you will find plenty of people telling you that you shouldn’t lift weights in running shoes, but if you read more closely you’ll see the context: they’re usually talking about people interested in the sports of powerlifting or Olympic weight lifting.  We avoid the moves in those sports because they take forever to learn, carry excessive risk, and don’t offer any benefits that can’t be had with simpler and safer movements.

I’ve also seen authors say that you shouldn’t do side lunges or other lateral movements in running shoes because they might roll around your foot.  If your running/walking shoes can roll around your foot if you push to the side then those shoes either don’t fit, or are worn out and unsafe for anything.

You only need special shoes for sports you compete in, such as tennis shoes for tennis, etc.

Bottom line
Unless you want to carry around a bag full of different shoes that are ostensibly optimized for different activities, then don’t make working out any harder than it already is. The only shoes that don’t work for workouts are heels and flip flops.  Otherwise just be comfortable and use common sense.

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