True180 Personal Training | What To Eat When You Go Out For Sushi and Watching Your Weight

What To Eat When You Go Out For Sushi and Watching Your Weight

“What should I order when I go out for 🍱 sushi and I am watching my weight?” is a common question we get. Hopefully, this will help you order more easily and enjoy.  Oh, and yes, soy sauce, ginger, and wasabi are generally deliciously acceptable to eat as much as you like but some places will sweeten their ginger with sugar, so be on the lookout if you are paying extra close attention to added sugars in your meals.

Enjoy and watch out for too much wasabi making your nose run!

Menu items we love:

  1. Seaweed Salad: Nutritious and Delicious!
  2. Green Salad: Veggies in a house ginger dressing is cool and refreshing for summer.
  3. Sashimi – any kind!! It’s a superb source of protein, healthy fats and oils.
  4. Tuna tartar, salmon tartar, etc (watch out for this dish being served in crunchy bowls).
  5. Rice-less rolls – many restaurants now have this on the menu or will do it if asked. They use ribbons of cucumber to wrap the rolls.
  6. Tuna Tataki: lightly seared for those who want something cooked.
  7. Grilled anything: meat or veggies.
  8. Miso Soup: a nice, light start to any meal.
  9. Green tea: it just completes the meal.

We believe in enjoying food and company 😋 and that eating healthy should not be limited to chicken and broccoli (Did you see our Eating Out Guide?! [FREE DOWNLOAD HERE]).

➡ However, if you are watching your weight and calories be on the lookout for the below when ordering:

  1. Anything fried or with the word tempura beside it.
  2. Pay attention to how much cream cheese or mayonnaise is added to a roll.
  3. Noodle dishes – how big is the serving?
  4. Breaded items (or panko crusted).

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